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Awnings & Blinds for Sydney from Ozsun Shade Systems.

Cassette Folding Arm Awning
A retractable awning, patio awning, pergola awning or folding arm awning can extend your outdoor lifestyle. 

A retractable window awning or blind provides shade without shutting out the view.
Retractable awnings give you control over the weather on your own terms.  When the sun gets too hot you can unroll the awning to provide instant protection and shade.  An optional sun sensor can automatically extend the awning in the sun and an optional wind sensor can retract the awning in windy conditions.
Our range of awnings includes both retractable and fixed awnings (click on any awning name or image below for more details):

Retractable Awnings:
Folding arm awnings maximise entertaining areas such as patios and decks, and are also ideal for cafés and restaurants.  Folding arm awnings can be operated manually or motorised with optional timers, sensors and remote control.  No intrusive posts are required as the cloth is supported on spring loaded arms.
Conservatory awnings were originally designed in Europe for glass conservatories.  They are normaly motorised with remote control.  Conservatory awnings are also commonly used for shade over pergolas but can also be fitted with posts.

The Sunmark Retractable Pergola Awning provides optimum protection from sun, wind and rain. Designed for hospitality, commercial and quality residential projects. The Sunmark Awning is the only retractable awning that has been engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 117km/hr.
System 3000 straight drop fabric roll-up awnings are very robust external  sunscreen systems.  It is either operated by a crankhandle and gearbox or can be motorised with wireless remote.  The System 3000 awning has no side guides or channels, so it does not interfere with architectural fretwork and post mouldings. 
Pivot Arm Awnings are very adaptable window awnings that can be designed to suit a wide range of needs.  Custom designed and made with many variations and control options – including internal or external tape,  or motorised with remote control. 
System 9000 and Vertiscreen straight drop awnings are retractable exterior vertical sunscreen systems from Europe with neat slim-line cassettes.  They are operated by amanual gearbox and crank handle or motorised.  The base rail travels up and down on either stainless stell wire guides or side tracks.
Automatic roll-up awnings are an awning ideally suited for windows that get full sun and have easy access.  They are operated by a spring system with side guides and locking arm system with an easy pull down and hook design.

Verandah and shop blinds are a simple traditional rope and pulley straight drop awning or blind.  The verandah blind has no arms and when fully extended is held down by straps to prevent it from swinging in the wind.
Clear PVC Café blinds give you protection from the elements without obstructing your view.  They are operated by a rope and pulley system.  We have installed Café Blinds in many restaurants and cafés, and at home they can transform your outdoor living areas into a truly usable space.
Clear PVC Straight Drop Awning


Fixed Awnings:
Carbolite awnings use twin walled polycarbonate sheeting to produce a variety of awnings and roof structures.  Carbolite awnings are most suited to applications where rain protection is required without blocking out the natural light.
Canopy awnings consist of a fabric covered aluminium frame.  They are custom made in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The most popular being the traditional Dutch and the semi circular Cupola canopy awnings.

  • Awnings keep temperatures cooler inside and help reduce your electricity bills by up to 25% if you run air conditioning.
  • An awning can provide shade without shutting out the view.
  • Awnings protect floor coverings and furniture from fading in sunlight. 
  • Awnings are environmentally friendly way to cool your home.
  • An awning can give excellent privacy when required.
  • An awning can add value to your property.
  • Awnings can turn terraces and balconies into airy attractive, extra rooms.
  • Awnings provide a sheltered place for children and pets to play, sheilded from direct sun.

Energy Performance

Retractable awnings and exterior blinds reduce thermal heat gain and increase the energy performance of a building.  Ozsun's awnings and external blinds can reduce solar gain by up to 80% by keeping the sun’s rays off the glass.  This is far superior to using thermal pane glass, window tints or internal blinds.

Heat Island Effect

Uncovered hardscape including pavers, concrete and tiles exposed to the sun can create a heat island effect in outdoor areas.   By installing an Ozsun awning over a patio or courtyard area, the reflected heat is reduced significantly in that area.

Heat Flow

Windows are the weak link, thermally speaking, in most buildings.  Windows today are much better than old single pane windows, but they still represent a compromise.  We accept their mediocre performance because we want daylight, views and ventilation.  Windows and glazing systems allow unwanted heat flow in several ways.  They can have cracks or gaps that allow air flow.  they allow heat transfer via conduction across the glass and frames and they allow heat gain by visible light and UV radiation.  The UV radiation is converted to infrared radiation inside the building which is trapped by the glass and heats the building - a classic greenhouse effect.  Ozsun awnings and external blinds stop the sun from hitting the glass - the best way to stop solar gain through windows.  They then retract away when not in use.

Berlina Folding Arm Awning

Exterior fabric awnings can reduce entry of solar energy by up to 80%.  By comparison, solar film or interior blinds typically offer 40% protection - source CSIRO Division of Building Research.

Guide to Shopping for Awnings

Awning manufacturers use jargon to describe their awnings' characteristics, quality, function and style. Some product knowledge will assist you to have an enjoyable shopping experience for retractable awnings. These simplified common terms will help you to find what best suits your needs.


A folding arm retractable awning is an awning which can be rolled up and closed.  Unlike fixed awnings and canopies, a retractable awning has no support posts.  A retractable awning has a simple design:

o Frame - the skeleton of the awning; the frame of a basic folding arm awning is comprised of the mounting bar or square bar, arms, and roller tube.  

o Mounting bar (square bar) - the base of the folding arm awning, which is mounted to the wall with brackets.  When the awning is retracted, the awning fabric rolls around the roller tube attached to the mounting bar.

o Cassette - a powder coated aluminium outer casing that conceals and protects the awning when retracted.  A semi-cassette conceals the awning fabric but not the arms.  A full cassette conceals both the arms and the awning fabric when retracted.

o Powder coating - a method of applying a protective and decorative colour coating to the aluminium components of the awning, including the cassette.  It is baked on in an oven to create a finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

o Arms - the part of the frame which folds closed at the elbow, when the awning is retracted (rolls in) and opens when the awning is extended (rolls out). 

o Shoulder - the hinge joint on the arm of a folding arm awning, where arm is attached to the mounting bar. 

o Elbow - the hinge joint half way along the arm of a folding arm awning, that allows the arm to fold back upon itself when the awning is retracted.

o Front bar - the extrusion at the very front of the awning frame.

o Hood - a cover which fits over the retractable awning frame and fabric; when the awning is fully retracted, the hood protects the exposed fabric, frame, and motor from the elements. 

o Valance - an optional strip of fabric, usually around 15 to 20cm high, which hangs from the front bar of the retractable awning. 

o Rib - the cross bars of the frame which support the awning fabric. Not every awning style has ribs, since ribs are often used to create a shape of a canopy awning frame; for example, folding arm retractable awnings don't have any ribs.

There are many styles of retractable awnings:

o Folding arm awning - the most common, retractable awning style, consists of two or more arms, the front bar, mounting bar and the fabric. This is the most popular style for homes and commercial buildings; this is also the most scalable style, extending (projecting) as far as 4 metres without external supports. 

o Pivot arm awning (also known as drop arm awning) - is a simple roll up awning and is offten used to create shade and privacy for windows.  It has arms that move outward and down from the roller tube as they pivot from their hinge brackets.  This feature allows the awning to be adjusted for the sun angle at different times of  the day while still maintaining a view.  Pivot arm awnings are mainly used as window awnings, extending only as far as around 1.5 metres.  The fabric in many cases is translucent, so that it is used for anti-glare, yet allows light into the room.   The awning can be electrically operated with a tubular motor fitted into the roller tube or manually operated by means of gears and crank or a rope and pulley system.

o Vertical screen - a kind of retractable awning or blind which is mounted vertically so it extends downward. This style of awning has no arms since it simply "drops" down. This is mainly used to screen patios, gazebos, and other outdoor areas from glare, heat, rain, UV rays, direct sun and rain.

Accessories available for retractable awnings which make them easier to operate include:

o Motor - electrical operation of the awning by remote control; motors are enclosed in the roller tube.

o Wind sensor - a device which monitors wind speed. 

o Sun and rain sensors which monitor different atmospheric conditions and trigger the motor to retract or extend the awning accordingly.
Fabric is an integral part of your awning. In essence your awning will look as good as the fabric does.  At Ozsun we only use those fabrics that are recognized throughout the industry and all our fabrics come with a minimum 5-year warranty.
Once you have decided to purchase an awning your next decision will be what colour fabric will go best with the look of your home. With over 200 colours and patterns available we are sure to come up with a solution that will work for you. During the purchasing process we can come to your home and assist you in making the right choice.
With suppliers such as Sunbrella, Dickson and Docril we are confident that you will receive a product that will meet your expectations of variety and quality.
There are two major categories of fabrics:
o Canvas - a natural fiber (cotton) woven fabric; canvas awnings are prone to fade, mildew, and rot.

o Solution-dyed acrylic - a man-made fiber which is woven into a lightweight, breathable fabric; because it is a chemical polymer, the fabric cannot rot.
Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fibers are created through a unique process that adds pigment during fiber production. These fibers are then spun into yarn resulting in a permeated colour throughout the fabric. Colour and fiber become one complete product – so the colour is highly fade resistant and lasts as long as the fabric does – perfect for outdoors use.

In addition to the solution-died process, our fabrics are treated with a fluorocarbon finish that acts as a sealant resistant to water and stains.
Common irregularities:
The nature of the fabric is that, regardless of all the attention that is paid during manufacturing and preparation, you might note some natural "imperfections" after your awning is installed.

Subsequent to handling during sewing, fabrication and assembly, acrylic fabrics treated with resins containing fluoride may show “veining” visible against the sunlight caused by an optical effect (differences in the refractions of light).
White Lines

White Lines
Subsequent to handling during sewing, fabrication and assembly, acrylic fabrics treated with resins containing fluoride may show small white traces that appear on the fabric due to the stiffness that is caused by the fluoride treatment. These lines are particularly visible in light fabrics as they are held up against the light.
As the fabric rolls up along the roll-tube on the awning the seams will roll up with more accumulated material than the areas surrounding it. This difference in thickness may cause the fabric to wrinkle slightly around the seams. This may affect one seam but not the seam next to it.

These small irregularities in your fabric are normal and nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you notice the slightest problem concerning the major qualities of your fabric – within its 5-year warranty – colour hold, rot proof nature, strength – please let us know.


Understanding a few terms about the positioning and installation of the awning can help determine the appropriate size and installation location for your awning:

o Mount - the way the awning is fixed to the building, such as a wall mount, eave mount, facia mount, or roof mount. 

o Pitch - the angle that the awning comes down from the mount point to the front bar. Some folding arm retractable awnings have an adjustable pitch.

o Projection - how far out from the wall the awning can extend. 

o Load - the stress put on the awning, from wind, snow, even the weight of the awning itself (dead load). Good quality retractable awnings can sustain wind speeds up to approximately 40km/hr. 

o Pooling - water buildup on the canopy which can cause the fabric to sag and stretch.
Now that you are armed with some information go back to the top of the page and click on the various awning categories to see which will most suit your needs.
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I would like to thank you and Peter, David, Don and the rest of your staff for such a trouble free experience in my dealings with Ozsun. I am reminded of earlier and more pleasant times in the building industry when, as in your case, dealings were pleasant, fair and promises were kept."
CA FRAIA FRS (Arts, Lond) FIBC (Cam.,Eng) FCIMRF RIBA Build. Biol.Inst. (NZ) EIA NELA
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Toga Folding Arm Awning - Mosman

Folding Arm Awning
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