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What is a Folding Arm Awning

Folding Arm awnings add style and value by creating an attractive and practical outdoor area. Folding Arm awnings provide a roll away cover for a patio, deck or balcony. They are also ideal for commercial applications such as restaurants, providing protection from the sun and light rain.

“Folding Arm awnings differ from traditional awnings in that the arms fold horizontally instead of vertically,” owner of Ozsun, Peter Warner explains.

One benefit of the folding arm awning is that they are an effective way to cover an outdoor area without the need for posts.

“The folding arm awning is cantilevered from the wall, meaning you can walk freely under the awning without walking into arms and posts,” adds Peter.

Awnings with a discreet style.

Folding Arm Awnings - Ozsun Shade SystemsAnother feature of the folding arm awning is that when it is not in use it is simply retracted back into a neat unobtrusive cassette.

Ozsun has a range of folding arm awnings available and are experts at advising which awning is best for your outdoor area as well as installation.

“Our top tier folding arm awnings are made in Germany and Austria. These awnings are the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of awnings,” Peter explains.

All of the operating components are designed and manufactured in Germany and Austria and are certified by the international testing agency. The mechanism of the folding arm awnings has improved over time. Previously the awnings used chains whereas now the spring loaded folding arms use cables to provide maximum wind stability and fabric tension.

“The Materials Testing Authority in Germany has certified the arms can withstand over 70,000 cycles of stress. This is the equivalent of the awning being operated for over two hundred years of normal use,” Peter says.

There is not just one folding arm awning but a complete range so you can create your perfect outdoor area. There is the Berlina, which is compact and comes with an optional semi cassette or open fabric roll. The Spandau folding arm awning conceals both the arms and the fabric when retracted. The Helioshade folding arm awning is the strongest awning on the market and has an optional retractable valance and optional adjustable pitch.

“All of the folding arm awnings are made with the highest quality materials and most have a powder coated aluminum outer shell ensuring protection against corrosion and dirt,” explains Peter.

Awnings that are easy to mount.

Folding Arm awnings can be mounted onto the face of a building and with the addition of fascia or eave brackets – a folding arm awning can be installed from the rafters of the roof.

“If you are not sure whether a folding arm awning is right for your space we offer a free home consultation. We can assess for you whether a folding arm awning or another type of awning is going to best suit your requirements and budget,” says Peter.