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Extend Your Outdoor Entertainment Area With An Awning

Ozsun, located just up the road from cosmopolitan King Street, Newtown are the shade system specialists. Ozsun stocks a comprehensive range of both contemporary and classic solutions for shading your windows and outdoor entertainment areas. Ozsun not only stock the best German engineered quality blinds and awnings but also offer budget awnings and blinds. “We […]

Heat Gain Through Windows

As the temperature begins to rise it is now a good time to investigate how you can keep your house cool through out the long hot summer. A simple and cost-effective way is to control the heat that comes through your windows. When people think of covering their windows their first thought is often curtains. […]

What is a Folding Arm Awning

Folding Arm awnings add style and value by creating an attractive and practical outdoor area. Folding Arm awnings provide a roll away cover for a patio, deck or balcony. They are also ideal for commercial applications such as restaurants, providing protection from the sun and light rain. “Folding Arm awnings differ from traditional awnings in […]

Awnings and BASIX Compliance

Greening your house is now as important as choosing what type of flooring to have or what colour palette you will use. Eco friendly homes and the issue of sustainability has become a pivotal point of building design. By incorporating sustainable design elements you will end up saving money, increase the value of your house, […]

Should you invest in motorized awnings?

Perhaps motorised awnings will be the finishing touch on your smart home, or perhaps you realized you simply had to have them after seeing them on another building. Whatever it was that piqued your interest in motorised awnings, chances are that you have some questions about whether or not they are the right solution for you […]

What sort of retractable awning should you get?

A retractable awning, patio awning, pergola awning or folding arm awning will extend your outdoor lifestyle all year round. Used on a deck or a patio, they instantly act as a protection from the weather and add to your socialising and your special times. Now as we move into summer, there has never been a better […]

Looking after your awnings

Like any investment in your home, the more you look after it, the longer it will last.  Nothing applies more than to the awnings you have had installed. Awnings are the exterior coverings attached to walls to protect you and your home from against the sun, strong winds or rain. They can be may be made […]

5 Questions to Ask When You Are Getting Awnings Quotes

Installing a well-designed awning that complements your home can help protect the house from excessive temperature, allowing you to lower your cooling bills. In addition it helps keep your patio and outdoor furniture looking new by means of keeping the rain and elements away. When you’re relaxing outside, the awning can furthermore protect you from […]