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Renovating or building in Sydney? Here is what you need to know about BASIX and how Ozsun has you covered!

Renovating or building in Sydney? Here is what you need to know about BASIX and how Ozsun has you covered! What is BASIX? BASIX stands for Building Sustainability Index. BASIX is an initiative that was introduced by the NSW Government to ensure homes are designed to be more energy and water efficient. Every development application for a new […]

Extend Your Outdoor Entertainment Area With An Awning

Ozsun, located just up the road from cosmopolitan King Street, Newtown are the shade system specialists. Ozsun stocks a comprehensive range of both contemporary and classic solutions for shading your windows and outdoor entertainment areas. Ozsun not only stock the best German engineered quality blinds and awnings but also offer budget awnings and blinds. “We […]

Heat Gain Through Windows

As the temperature begins to rise it is now a good time to investigate how you can keep your house cool through out the long hot summer. A simple and cost-effective way is to control the heat that comes through your windows. When people think of covering their windows their first thought is often curtains. […]

How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient With Blinds

The Australian summer is fast approaching, which means your electricity bill is about to increase thanks to the expected rise in your air conditioning needs. As a reasonable homeowner, you might want to consider ways and means of reducing your cooling costs this summer without sacrificing on comfort – such as, making use of blinds and […]

How Awnings Can Make Your Home More Sustainable.

‘Sustainability’ is a popular buzz word in the media right now, alongside other phrases such as ‘green living’ and ‘eco-friendly’. We all understand that these terms revolve around making choices which protect our environment. The news is saturated with reports of the recent plastic bag ban and major restaurant chains phasing out the use of […]

It’s Time to Install Your Awnings Now for Summer

Ah, summer: the season of endless blue skies, lazy late nights and delicious food. While winter’s in full blast, daydreaming about those warmer days is very tempting. But in the midst of a fantasy of beach weather, it’s easy to forget about the negative aspects of summer. Oppressive heat and painful sunburn might seem a […]

Providing shade for your home with awnings

The Australian climate is harsh and unforgiving, particularly during the summer months. All Australians are taught the importance of slip, slop, slap from a young age to protect themselves from the sun. What we don’t learn is that our homes require sun protection as well. Designing a home with adequate shading has many cost-saving and […]

Awnings as home window fashion

Regardless of whether we follow the latest trends, it’s almost impossible to avoid being influenced by fashion. It’s not as simple as updating your wardrobe with new season looks! Fashion reflects the most popular aesthetics, not just for clothing and beauty, but our entire lifestyles. This, of course, includes home décor. The way your living […]