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5 Questions to Ask When You Are Getting Awnings Quotes

Sydney AwningsInstalling a well-designed awning that complements your home can help protect the house from excessive temperature, allowing you to lower your cooling bills. In addition it helps keep your patio and outdoor furniture looking new by means of keeping the rain and elements away. When you’re relaxing outside, the awning can furthermore protect you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation while still letting you enjoy some fresh air. In many situations, a well crafted awning can significantly increase the value of your house and make it more appealing if you’re thinking about selling your property now or in the near future. Read more

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Commercial Awnings Are Great For Business

Sydney Awnings CoverIf you operate a restaurant or cafe, you already know the importance of standing out against the competition. Commercial awnings for hospitality establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, can transform your outdoor area into an inviting, attractive space where your customers can relax and be wined and dined, giving them a very enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back to your restaurant, hotel or cafe. Read more

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Benefits Of Home Awnings

Sydney AwningsWith spring slowly approaching you’re probably thinking about indulging in more outdoor activities.   And then there are the Summer holidays to think about.  Holidays are great, but more and more people are making the most of their home resorts and opting for the staycation.   A great and affordable alternative to delighting in outdoor activity if you don’t have the option of your beach holiday is to invest in your home outdoor living areas.

Awnings are a great way to dress up your backyard, patio or home outdoor area. Take advantage of the warm weather and add a beautiful awning to create the perfect area for relaxing and entertaining your family and friends this summer.

Enjoy the Summer in Style With a Residential Awning

Awnings and canopies offer one of the best home improvements that you could ever implement. Adding well-decorated, well-planned awnings will improve curb appeal, express your individual style, and extend your living space, as well as give you a nice spot for warm-weather gatherings and relaxing. They can turn your patio into a shady retreat. After all, what’s the use of balmy summer weather if you can’t hang out in your patio and have some fun?
Residential awnings are usually made of tough, quality materials and typically come in a wide variety of patterns, colours, styles and functions to complement your home. A reputable awnings supplier can assist you in determining which awnings – free-standing, retractable, entranceway, storefront awnings or pergolas – are appropriate for your home and pocket.

The Top 5 Benefits of a Residential Awning

1. Improved curb appeal
Residential awnings are beautiful and they will make your property look great. Installing stylish awnings will brighten up your property and certain elegance to your home, Sydney Awningswhile also serving a practical purpose. If you plan to sell your property, these structures will make your property visually attractive, thus adding value and attracting potential buyers.
2. Extend outdoor living space
Awnings are extremely useful for providing shade to outdoor areas and can turn your patio or other outdoor living space into an all-weather environment. The best thing about adding awnings is that they involve very little construction and are a relatively easy project to take on. You can create an entertainment room or additional living space in as little as one day.
3. Awnings keep out the hot summer sun
Residential awnings create attractive, inviting outdoor areas for people to gather and enjoy themselves while protected from the sun. The materials used in making awnings offer excellent UV protection, and are typically resistant to rot and dirt. With a quality residential awning, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer to the fullest no matter what part of the day it might be.
4. Added cool functionality for your home
Residential awnings will not only provide cover during this summer, but they will blend with your home’s facade and become a colourful focal point. But to achieve this, you’ll need to look for awnings that complement the architectural style of your property.
5. Reduced Cooling costs
Awnings can help reduce your energy consumption by keeping your home cooler during the coming summer. They can greatly reduce the heat gain through the windows and door, and your AC won’t have to work harder, thus reducing your energy consumption.
6. Good value for money
Awnings are probably the cheapest option when it comes to creating additional living space. They typically much less compared to building an extension or conservatory. With residential awnings, you don’t have to break the bank to have a perfect spot for summer outdoor entertaining. Order an awning today to turn your bland backyard, patio of deck into a stylish spot for entertaining this summer.

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The Buyers Guide to Awnings

Clean AwningsAwnings provide one of the easiest ways to keep the temperature from rising during the summer months. These unobtrusive and durable accessories are an attractive way to control the temperature of homes, sun rooms, domestic outdoor living spaces, alfresco dining areas and other commercial outdoor living environments.  Read more

The Technical Side of Awnings

The Technical Side of Awnings

Choosing the right awning for your residential or commercial building can be overwhelming. There are so many choices and considerations you need to think about including the technical specifications.

“Determine what you would like your awning to do. Is it just to create shade or do you need rain protection as well. As soon as you know what type of functionality you are looking for you can start looking at different awnings and their technical specifications,” Peter Warner from Ozsun recommends.

Folding arm awnings are perfect if you are specifically looking to provide shade from the sun. They reduce heat and entry of light but have a limited wind capacity. Folding arm awnings have the option of either a full cassette or semi cassette as well as being either acrylic or mesh screen fabric. Read more

Information About Awnings for Architects

Whether a renovation or complete new build architects are specialists at adding value. An architect’s knowledge on design, space and light will enhance any building. As a Sydney awning specialist, we consistently see one easy way to add value to a building and that is to include awnings and blinds. There are many considerations an architect needs to take into account when choosing the right sun awning or blind.

COLLAROY HOTEL - PELICAN PAVILION AFTER RENOVATIONThe benefits of awnings are numerous, but perhaps the biggest draw card is that they are not only functional but also enhance the appearance of your home or business. An awning can add shape and colour to the façade of any building and if a restaurant, bar or café have an awning they can actually increase their revenue.

“During the summer people like to sit outside but they also want protection from the sun as they sip their latte. Customers are more likely to choose an establishment that offers a sheltered area,” owner of Ozsun, John says.

So Which Awning?

With so many different awnings and blinds available it can be difficult working out which type will best suit your needs. There are external blinds, external sunroofs, retractable roofs, retractable awnings, folding arm awnings and that is just a few. You also need to consider the fabric colour and whether you would like your awning to be motorised.

A good architect will be able to show you which windows will most benefit from sun protection, taking into account the direction that the windows face and the change of angle of the sun for different seasons.

“There are so many styles and fabrics it is easy to become overwhelmed. In consultation with an Ozsun representative, your architect should be able to advise you on which awning and what type of fabric will best suit



your needs,” John says.

When choosing the colour of your awning, take into consideration the buildings purpose and setting. For example, you may want an awning to blend with its surrounds, alternatively for a café the awning could help set the mood you wish to evoke, or double as an eye catching advertisement.

Architects will know to choose fabrics that complement the architectural style. Traditional or heritage architecture would be better suited with awnings in traditional colours while a French restaurant might consider stripes. For contemporary architecture our European fabric suppliers offer a range of designer colours that are updated every year taking into account the latest trends.

“If insulation and heat reduction is your main objective, then installing awnings can reduce entry of solar energy by up to 80% according to the CSIRO Division of Building Research,” Peter suggests.

An architect will need to take into consideration the practical purpose of the awning when choosing the awning to best suit your needs. A Folding Arm Awning is an inexpensive and practical way to create a patio and an outdoor room while external vertical screens are a practical way to shade a western facing window.

There are eight key points that an architect can check when choosing the right awning for you:

1. They need to understand the scope and limitation of the awning
2. Need to have decided whether it is for sun only or whether it will be used in the rain
3. Size limitations
4. Wind capabilities
5. Mounting heights
6. Motorization capabilities
7. Fabric specification
8. Strength of the support structure.

Whether you are an architect or working with architect, feel free to call Ozsun to discuss your individual architectural needs and requirements for your project. We have been fitting Sydney awnings in homes and businesses since 1995.